List of documents
for a Schengen visa

Visa for individual tourist trips

Starting from June 14, 2019 if you apply for a visa to Latvia in the visa application center in Moscow for individual tourist trip you will need to provide additionally to the documents specified below:

  1. Paid confirmation of hotel with full names of all guests.
  2. If you travel to several countries of the Schengen Agreement a paid confirmation will be required only for a hotel on the territory of Latvia and for other countries hotel bookings will be required.
  3. Paid round-trip tickets.
  4. "Green card" insurance policy for car travelers.


Starting from June 13, 2019 the Consulate General of the Republic of Latvia in St. Petersburg will accept only the following types of hotel bookings:

  1. made via a hotel's website,
  2. sent by a hotel,
  3. made via website


  1. Visa Application Form

You need to complete this electronic Application Form for Schengen visas. The ‪Form must be completed, printed and signed by the person applying for a visa. ‪For minors, the form must be signed by a parent or person with parental (guardianship) rights.

Please use the Instructions for completing the Form


  1. Foreign passport


  • The passport must be signed

  • The passport must have a validity period of at least 3 months after the expiry of the visa.

  • The validity of the passport should not exceed 10 years. Extended passports are not accepted.

  • The foreign passport must contain at least 2 blank (blank) pages intended for visas.

  • Passports are accepted without additional covers (plastic, leather).

  1. National passport (photocopy)

Original and copy of the first 2 pages of national passport (page with personal data, page with information about the place of residence) 
For minors: Original and copy of the birth certificate should be provided (for minors under 18 years); 
From the age of 14: original and a copy of the first 2 pages of national passport (page with personal data, page with information about the place of residence).


  1. Photo (1 picture)


The photo must meet the following criteria:

  • Size 3.5 x 4.5 cm, without oval, color, clear, clean and contrast,

  • The photo must be printed on high-quality paper on a white or light gray background,

  • Photos should be no more than 6 months,

  • Full frontal view photo, so that the person occupies 70-80% of the photograph.

If the applicant wears glasses, the photo must also meet the following criteria:

  • Unglazed glasses,

  • The frame should not cover any part of the eye,

  • There should be no glare.

Do not crop and stick the photo to the Application Form, it will be done for you by the employees of the visa center.


  1. Health insurance policy (copy)


  • Medical insurance with at least EUR 30,000 coverage;

  • The policy is valid in all Schengen States, typewritten;

  • No insurance deductible:

  • The Embassy accepts insurance policies issued by insurance companies of the European Agreement and European Economic Area or Russian insurance companies accredited to the Embassy;

  • If you plan to travel to Latvia once or twice, you will need to provide the appropriate medical insurance policy that covers all the intended stay, including the additional period of 15 days;

  • Single visa: the health insurance policy should include 15 additional days. For example, if a visa is requested for 10 days from June 1 to June 10, the health insurance policy must be presented from June 1 to June 25 with a policy period of 10 days.

* When issuing a multiple Schengen visa, the health insurance policy can only be granted for the first visit to the Schengen territory with an additional corridor of 15 days.


  1. Documents confirming the availability of funds for the period of stay in Latvia.

If the host person or company doesn’t cover any expenses and accommodation, you need to confirm the availability of sufficient funds to stay in Latvia yourself.
  • Bank Statement of cash flows for the past 3 months

  • Original document confirming the regular income in the form of a Salary Certificate issued by the employer;

When applying for a multiple-entry visa the funds may be provided for the first visit to the Schengen Area accompanied by a statement/declaration on the need to have sufficient funds for the next visit to the Schengen Agreement member states.
If a third party covers your expenses in Latvia, please provide the following documents:
  • Sponsorship letter (sing by sponsor);

  • Bank statement or work certificate;

  • Copy of 2 pages of national passport  (personal data , place of residence).

  1. The completed Consent to processing of personal data signed personally by the applicant.


  1. Documents confirming the purpose of the trip:

Accommodation (all guests should be indicated: surname, name)

  • confirmation of the booking of the hotel, including all guests’ names and surnames;
  • if you travel to several countries of the Schengen Agreement add confirmation of hotel bookings for other countries, including all guests’ names and surnames;



  • Round trip ticket or a valid reservation of tickets (e-tickets). 


In the case of travel by car:

  • copies of the certificate of motor vehicle registration (if the owner of the vehicle is a third party, you must provide a notarized power of attorney on the car);
  • copy of driver's license;
  • Route itinerary in any form from the driver;
  • if the vehicle is managed by a third party – copy of driver’s valid visa.
Please note, if you are crossing the border by the car you need to have the certificate of periodic technical inspection of vehicle.


  1. If you are a citizen of another country, please examine the list of additional requirements.


  1. If you are accompanied by a child, please check the set of mandatory documents.

  2. If you travel in a group or with your family, please add all copies required in every document set.


PONY EXPRESS service fee:

Moscow — 18 EUR
Saint-Petersburg — 20 EUR
Kaliningrad — 18 EUR
Pskov — 15 EU
Regions — 28 EUR

According to the rate of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia.